The 2017-2018 Faculty and Staff of CMS look forward to working together with our students, parents, and the community as a cohesive family unit to provide a quality education.

CMS Faculty & Staff




Sheka Houston


Cheryl Elkins


D’Angelo Edwards
Assistant Principal


Carmen McClinton
School Secretary


Suzanne Hough
Assistant Principal


Beth Hyatt



Margaret Dramble







6th grade

 7th grade

8th grade


Nicole Drown- ELA

 Lydia Woodbury- ELA

 Nicola Taylor- ELA 


Robyn Dunham- math


Ronald Pohl- math

 Valerie Juinpou- math


Sara Jaffray- science


LaTonya Strong- science


Pam Gourleyscience 


Kim Simpson- S.S


James Simpson- S.S.


Reginald Iracks- S.S


Robin Goforth- ELA


Rosalyn Coleman- ELA


Orvet Chisholm- ELA


Debra Moore-Smith- science


Brittany Chisholm- science


Wanda Stringfellow- science


Jeremy Price- math  

Samantha Gaither- math


Ormond Cottle- math

Margie Shillinglaw- S.S  

Malissa Giles- S.S


Sebastian Hopkins- S.S









Ayenda Alcala- self contained  

Bernice Smith- resource


Kim Gray- chorus


Lisa Green- self contained


Pam Craig- computers


Donnae Long- P.E.



Carolyn Taylor- self contained


Kymberly Rejda- computers

Barbara Patterson- family consumer science



Rose Garvey- resource


Jametrice Finch- literacy


Charles Peeler- P.E.



Tracy Keogh- resource


Carol Germain- literacy coach


Suzanne Price- art




Brenda Sease- band

 Thomasina Curenton- STEAM  




Audrey Boulware- Cafeteria Manager

Cynthia Cloud- instructional assistant


Shirley Caldwell- Media Center Assistant



James Wade-  School Resource Officer

Jill Wilson-instructional assistant