The 2018-2019 Faculty and Staff of CMS look forward to working together with our students, parents, and the community as a cohesive family unit to provide a quality education.

CMS Faculty & Staff





Sheka Houston

Tiffany Craft

Cheryl Elkins


Ortega Missouri
Assistant Principal

Gloria Burnside

Carmen McClinton
School Secretary


Suzanne Hough
Assistant Principal


Beth Hyatt



Carmacita Gonzalez







6th grade

 7th grade

8th grade


Nicole Blair- ELA

 Lydia Woodbury- ELA

 Nicola Taylor- ELA 


Ronald Pohl- Math


Fernando Graham- Math

 Valerie Juinpou- Math


Sara Jaffray- Science


LaTonya Strong- Science


Jasmine Johnson- Science 


Kim Simpson- ELA


James Simpson- ELA


Reginald Iracks- S.S


Vernell Cohen- ELA


Shameika Massey- S.S.


Orvet Chisholm- ELA


Terry Evans- Science


Brittany Chisholm- Science


Wanda Stringfellow- Science


Jeremy Price- Math  

Samantha Gaither- Math


Shirley Lopez- Math

Margie Shillinglaw- S.S  

Malissa Giles- S.S


Sebastian Hopkins- S.S



Katie Alt-S.S.







Evelyn Yandan- Math/Science

Darrell Brunson-Focus Academy     
Ayenda Alcala- Self Contained  

Bernice Smith- Resource


Marcus Wilson- Chorus


Lisa Green- Self Contained


Pam Craig- Computers


Donnae Long- P.E.



Robin Wilson Goforth- Self Contained


Barbara Patterson- Computers

Jerry Caldwell- AVID



Robyn Dunham- Resource


Jametrice Finch- Reading Interventionist


Charles Peeler- P.E.



Tracy Keogh- Resource


Veronica Goree-Math Interventionist


Chandlee Freudenburg- Art


Euphemia Southall, Media Specialist 

Lorie Hurst, Band

 Dana Williams- Math STEAM Coach  




Audrey Boulware- Cafeteria Manager

Cynthia Cloud- Instructional Assistant


Shirley Caldwell- Media Center Assistant

Jessie Strickland, Nurse


Timothy Nicholas-  School Resource Officer

Jill Wilson-Instructional Assistant



Taylor Kinard- Instructional Assistant  Cheryl Hetsler-Instructional Assistant