Self-Contained EMD
We learn our daily personal hygiene and how to live independently. We learn how our life can be different from other cultures and how even in the past, things were done a little differently.  We will learn about plants and growing things,including our own wonderful bodies. We will learn about our physical senses, biomes, and participate with other classes and teachers in science experiments.
Self-Contained LD/EBD
We learn value skills in reading, math, writing, spelling, and behavior to help us become better citizens.
Resource Support (Math & Reading)
This class is designed to address math, reading, and writing needs of students.  We integrate Snap and Read as well as CoWriter along with strategies that assist in maximizing learning for students.  Improving reading and math skills and providing the support necessary for students to find academic success.  
TMD Self-Contained Class
This class is designed to teach students with severe/profound disabilities in a self-contained setting. The skills taught here are life skills/functional skills, transition, functional math, functional language arts, behavior, and vocational skills.