Students explore the life, earth, and physical sciences through the following topics: structure and function of plants and animals; Earth's atmosphere and weather; and properties of energy, work, and machines.
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6th Grade Resources
  • Current Weather
    Read current weather maps. Find the areas of the United States with a capital H and the areas in the US with a capital L. What kind of weather are people in these areas having??
  • The Water Cycle
    Interactive game identifying and defining processes associated with the water cycle on Earth.
7th Grade
Seventh Grade Science Topics:
Scientific Inquiry
Cells and Heredity
Human Body Systems and Disease
Ecology: The Biotic and Abiotic Environment
The Chemical Nature of Matter
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7th Grade Resources
6th Grade
Integrated Science:

The first nine-weeks, we learn the characteristics of organisms belonging to the plant kingdom, and how the kingdom of plants is organized into subgroups according to their characteristics.

The second nine-weeks, we learn the characteristics of animals, and how the kingdom of animals is broken down into subgroups according to their characteristics.

The third nine-weeks, we study meteorology (weather). We learn the causes of weather, how weather relates to the water cycle, the sun, and the shape and distance of the Earth to the sun.

The fourth nine-weeks, we study energy and transformations of energy. We also study electricity, and learn to make parallel and series circuits. We complete the year with a study of simple machines. We learn to identify the simple machines we use in everyday life.
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