Physical Education
Staying Fit
A Way of LIFE!

*Nutrition Tip
Did You Know....?
--It's best to take your vitamin supplements with a meal because all vitamins and minerals are much better absorbed with food. Food releases digestive enzymes necessary for vitamin absorption.
--Spending 10 to 15 minutes outdoors each day can help keep your bones strong, which will help prevent osteoporosis. The sun provides Vitamin D, which is essential for good bone health. Daily exercise and a balanced diet are also essential in maintaining healthy bones.
**Get Your Heart Pumping!
At least three times a week, for no less than 20 minutes a session, raise your heart rate and increase your vitality while you build cardiovascular health through aerobic exercise. Any sport that uses your big muscle groups (thighs, legs, and upper back)--including jogging, skating, biking, and dance aerobics--should do the trick!
*At the YMCA - Karate and swim lessons are ongoing.
*Cheerleading sign-ups begin in April.